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The Pandemic Impact on Hispanics

The Pandemic Impact on Hispanics



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Discussion questions:

What percent of Latinos see the coronavirus as a health threat to the USA overall?

What percent of Latinos see the coronavirus as a personal health treat?

Your research found Latinos were most likely to entertain at home (71%) and go to church (54%). What are some of the other trends?

What percent of Latinos:

• Are working from home?

• Are still working at their workplace?

• Have been laid off?

What impact on Latino personal finances compared with the USA overall did you find?

In terms of the media Latinos are paying attention to, it was interesting that Radio came in at 23%, and podcast at 22%, only one percent lower.

Latinos also lead in four key categories: Streaming TV at 68%, Internet at 66%, social media at 65%, and YouTube at 60%.

When was the survey done?

Has there been any followup research?

What method?

What was the sample size  - Latinos? Others?


The host is Kirk Whisler, Board President of Empowering Latino Futures

Quim Gil, Brand Planning at LERMA

Justin Rubenstein, author of the report

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